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 elite Dance & Theatre presents...

Days of the Dead

December 8th-16th, 2017  

North 4th Theatre, 4904 4th St NW


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The elite Company: Kira Akmajian, Mckenna Beck, Natalya Conde, Aly Costales, Paul Costales, Tianna Garcia, Isaac Garcia, Kariana Gonzalez, Alex Harden, Melee Hardy, Robyn Hardy, Noah Hardy, Alexa Johnson, Jordan McMillan, Esther Michnovicz, Nikki Morrison, Tim Nguyen, Megan Othling, Chloe Rickerman, Carissa Richey, Coryn Richey, Grace Salazar, Rachel Salazar, Drew Sowers, Cara Sowers, Alicia Swanson, Audrey Swanson, Mia Swanson, Tanner Tomingas, Vanessa Trujillo, Allyson Walker

The Story



  • Scene One - The Star

  • Scene Two - The Prophecy

  • Scene Three - The Sages

  • Scene Four - The Magi

  • Scene Five - Xochi

  • Scene Six - Discovery

  • Scene Seven - The Siren Call

  • Scene Eight - The Girl and the Warrior

  • Scene Nine - Gaspar's Plan


  • Scene One - Allies

  • Scene Two - The Victors

  • Scene Three - The Calm

  • Scene Four - The Storm

  • Scene Five - The Army

  • Scene Six - Gaspar's Gift

  • Scene Seven - Baltasar's Gift

  • Scene Eight - Melchor's Gift

  • Scene Nine - The Ancient of Days


The Crew

  • Story by Cheri Costales

  • Drama Direction by Cara Sowers, Steve Corona, Cheri Costales

  • Choreography by Cheri Costales, Alyssa Costales, Esther Michnovicz, Kira Akmajian, Vanessa Trujillo

  • Martial Arts Training and Choreography by Noah Hardy

  • Lighting Design by Ben Costales

  • Sound by Matt Ramsey

  • Production Management by Stephanie Rickerman

  • Backstage Management by Tina Mesa, Robyn Hardy and Michelle Brett

  • Dialect Coaching by Steve Corona

  • Box Office by Michelle Brett, Donna Bugos and Eileen Gonzales

  • Ushers by Mary Alice and Frank Salazar

  • Lobby and Reception by Lillian Garcia and Erin Morrison

  • Costume Design by Cheri Costales

  • Costume work by Cheri Costales, Linda Downum, Judy Brewster, Erin Morrison

  • Make Up by Aly Costales and Tianna Garcia

  • Photography by Brandi and Sara Bruno (Two Brunos Photography)

  • Videography by Cheri Costales, Tim Nguyen, William Ernst, Nick Bennet

  • Thank you to all of our volunteers backstage, in the house, in the lobby and for our receptions! We could not do what we do without you!

Our Amazing Partners

From the Director

Producing a brand new show is always a monumental task.  That task begins with an idea.  The idea for this show came in the shape of a question..."How does one destroy a star"? (meaning the Christmas star!)  Then the script is written, which is my job.  After that, we bring in our community of amazing artists to color in the story: music, choreography, costume design, make up design, and casting.  We began early with weapons training alongside our ongoing dance, acting, and vocal training.  We then started working with the cast to develop who and what the characters were going to be. The funnest thing for an actor who is a part of a brand new show is being the one who gets to define a character!  Then we begin the process setting dance and acting scenes.  Everything is new and unknown. We discover things as we go and the process is exhilarating and rewarding.  There is great excitement as we put the pieces together and see what the show is going to be at the first run through.  For this particular show, at the end of the first run through we realized that the first act was too short!  So, I take the long drive home (I live out of town) that night to think through what we need to do.  I start writing at 10pm, contact actors that I need to prep and by our second run through at 1pm the next day, we've added two more scenes that we wonder how we could have done without. 

Each show that we do is special in some way or another.  This one has so many fun and new elements to it that we have not explored as a company before. The cast and crew have worked hard, contributed in so many ways to the "creation" process, and have just been fun.  One of the things I love the most about our company is that laughter is ever present in our rehearsals and our time together.  

We hope that this very unique Christmas story will cause everyone to pause and think through what really happened when that new star appeared in the heavens and changed the world forever.....



Cheri has been writing scripts and directing shows for the elite Company for over fifteen years. Her writing mostly consists of derivative work, adapting stories to work for dance theatre (The Picture of Dorian Gray, A Christmas Carol, Dracula, Peter Pan, The Scarlet Letter, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast).  Her most recent work has included original scripts, Days of the Dead, The Shoe Room, and elite Kids Theatre Projects: The Problem With Fairies, Benny & the Supersquad, and How The West Was Really Won.

Ticket Contest for The Jungle Book

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