Dracula, North 4th Theatare, Albuquerque, NM


September 6th-14th, 2019

North 4th Theatre, 4904 4th St NW

Tickets go on Sale August 6th, 2019

A story of love, courage, friendship, faithfulness and sacrifice in the face of great evil. elite Dance & Theatre creates a hauntingly beautiful retelling of the original story by Bram Stoker. Jonathon Harker and his friends are in a deadly battle. Count Dracula’s malice is a game in which our heroes are caught like pawns in a chess match. They will risk all to save those they love.

Meet the Cast

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Dracula, North 4th Theatare, Albuquerque, NM

more Cast members…

  • Catie Zubiate as the Little Girl

  • Micah Weeks as Quincey JR

  • Eli Cordova, Austin Homes, Theo Morrison, Gabriel Zubiate, Isaac Garcia, Tanner Tomingas as the Schooner Crew

  • The elite COMPANY: Kira Akamjian, McKenna Beck, Rita-Marie Borja, Kylie Brett, Natalya Conde, Tianna Cooney, Aly Costales, Isaac Garcia, Ruby Gatt, Marissa Gonzales, Isabella Hands, Alex Harden Savannah Harden, Melee, Hardy, Kaedman Hardy, Sarah Massey, Jordan McMillan, Laura Medina, Esther Michnovicz, Nikki Morrison, Theo Morrison, Megan Othling, Carissa Richey, Caitlin Richey, Coryn Richey, Ava Sowers, Tanner Tomingas, Vanessa Trujillo, Gabariel Zubiate

The Story


SCENE 1 – Mina and Lucy

SCENE 2 – Sleepwalking

SCENE 3 – Trouble

SCENE 4 – Disaster

SCENE 5 - Goodbye To Lucy

SCENE 7 - Graveyard Mystery

SCENE 8 - Bloofer Lady


SCENE 1 – The Asylum

SCENE 2 – The Pawn

SCENE 3 – Countermove

 SCENE 4 – Queen’s Gambit

SCENE 5 - Checkmate

SCENE 6 - Kings Down


SCENE 1 – Gypsies

SCENE 2 – Jonathon Harker

SCENE 3 – The Castle

SCENE 4 – Whispers at My Door

SCENE 5 – The Horrid Three

SCENE 6 – Trapped



The Crew

  • Written by Cheri Costales (Adapted from an original story by Bram Stoker)

  • Directed by Cheri Costales

  • Choreography and Rehearsal Coaching by Esther Michnovicz, Kira Akmajian, Cheri Costales, Alyssa Costales, Vanessa Trujillo, Cara Sowers and Steve Corona

  • Costumes by Cheri Costales, Linda Downum, and Judy Brewster

  • Make Up Design by McKenna Beck and Aly Costales

  • Lighting Design by Ben Costales

  • Sound Design by Matt Ramsey

  • Set Design by Cheri Costales

  • Production Management by Robyn Hardy and Michelle Brett

  • Stage Management by Cathy Costales

  • Backstage Management by Tina Mesa and Erin Fraser

  • Box Office by Eilieen Gonzales and Katie Weeks

  • Volunteers, Ushers and Reception by Lillian Garcia

  • Photography by Two Brunos Photography (Brandi Bruno and Sara Bruno)

  • Promotions by Tim Nguyen, Cheri Costales

  • Videography by Tim Nguyen, William Ernst, Nick Bennet

Thank you to our wonderful partners:

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