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elite Kids Spring Show

Sleeping Beauty


May 12th, 2018 at the North 4th Theatre



The Story

  • Scene 1 - The Kingdom
  • Scene 2 - Bluebell
  • Scene 3 - Iris
  • Scene 4 - Daisy
  • Scene 5 - Blossom
  • Scene 6 - Lily
  • Scene 7 - Narcissus
  • Scene 8 - Rose
  • Scene 9 - The Spindle Vine
  • Scene 10 - To Break the Curse
  • Scene 11 - After All....Happiness

The Cast

  • Nikki Morrison as Rose
  • Coryn Richey as Lily
  • Tanner Tomingas as the King
  • Caitlyn Richey as the Queen
  • Isaac Garcia as the Prince
  • Tianna Garcia as Narcissus
  • Jordan McMillan as Bluebell
  • Kariana Gonzalez as Blossom
  • Rachel Salazar as Iris
  • McKenna Beck as Daisy (partnered by Drew Sowers)
  • Theo Morrison, Gariel Zubiate and Sam Hafenrichter as Heralds
  • Court and Crowd - the elite JR CO

Student Dancers  

Cast A - Level 1: Adeline Lemke, Scarlett Whitacre, Tyce Michnovicz, Mina Michnovicz, Emery Robbs  Level 2: Elizabeth Force, Tahlia Pozun, Natalie Truesdale, Julia West, Samantha Witacre  Level 3: Macyn Fuller, Shealyn Pozun, Iliana Reider, Therese Tomingas, Greta Williams  Level 4: Kadynce Brett, Gabriella Michnovicz, Catie Zubiate, Avery Whitacre

Cast B - Level 1: Violet Cassady, Aubrey Hall, Charlotte Holler, Peter Morrison, Norah Sanchez, Stella Tomingas  Level 2: Naylani Benavidez, Aliyah Garcia, Celia Morrison, Juliet Ochoa, Julia Poore, Adelaide Stone, Jennie Stone  Level 3: Mallory Downing, Macyn Fuller, Laura Jarosz, Mia Maldonado, Therese Tomingas  Level 4: Kadynce Brett, Julia Chase, Giavanna Hart, Annaleigh Sanchez, Catie Zubiate

Cast C - Level 1: Violet Cassady, Jade Jojola, Juliette Harden, Violet Harden, Mila Martinez, Presley Metzgar  Level 2: Ava Corona, Alivia Escudero, Chloe Hannon, Katie Johnson, Kaylee Keller, Jayden Martinez, Vivian Othling  Level 3: Mallory Downing, Laura Jarosz, Mia Maldonado, Claire Myers, Therese Tomings, Sophia Zamora  Level 4: Ruth-Mariah Borja, Kadynce Brett, Aliana Escudero, Annaleigh Sanchez 

Cast D - Level 1: Narkwor Brady, Evangeline Bush, Peter Morrison, Norah Sanchez, Stella Tomingas, Isaac Williams  Level 2: Narkie Brady, Alivia Escudero, Lorenzo Hart, Kaylee Keller, Celia Morrison Level 3: Claire Myers, Iliana Reider, Therese Tomings, Greta Williams, Sophia Zamora  Level 4: Ruth-Mariah Borja, Kadynce Brett, Julia Chase, Aliana Escudero, Giavanna Hart, Catie Zubiate

Level 5 (All Casts)  Kylie Brett, Natalya Conde, Mikayla Chacon, Ruby Gatt, Marissa Gonzales, Kariana Gonzalez, Melee Hardy, Jordan McMillan, Sarah Massey, Theo Morrison, Carissa Richey, Chloe Rickerman, Grace Salazar, Ava Sowers, Merecedes Tomingas, Isabel Tomingas, Gabriel Zubiate

The Crew

  • Written by Cheri Costales  
  • Directed by Kira Akmajian and Cara Sowers
  • Choreography and Rehearsal Coaching by the elite Staff
  • Costumes by Lillian Garcia, Cheri Costales, Linda Downum and Judy Brewster
  • Make Up Design by Tianna Garcia
  • Lighting Design by Ben Costales
  • Sound Design by Matt Ramsey
  • Production Management by Stephanie Rickerman and Robyn Hardy
  • Stage Management by Cathy Costales
  • Backstage Management by Tina Mesa
  • Box Office by Michelle Brett
  • Chaperone and Volunteer management by Lillian Garcia
  • Lobby and Reception by Lillian Garcia and Erin Morrison
  • Ushers by Frank and Mary-Alice Salazar
  • Promotional Photography by Rita Gatt

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