The elite Kids Winter Showcase 2018

Nutcracker Sweets

January 14th, 2018 at the Hiland Theatre  5:30pm


Nutcracker Sweets


The History

The Nutcracker Ballet is based on the story "The Nutcracker and the King of Mice" written by E.T.A. Hoffman.  Although what is seen on the stage today is different in detail from the original story, the basic plot remains the same; The story of a young German girl who dreams of a Nutcracker Prince and a fierce battle against a Mouse King with seven heads.

When Marius Petipa had the idea to choreograph the story into a ballet, it was actually based on a revision by Alexander Dumas, a well known French author.  His version reflects more of what we have come to love as the Nutcracker Ballet.


It is Christmas Eve at the Stahlbaum house.  A large and festive party with friends and family has just ended.  Clara has fallen asleep with her favorite gift, a nutcracker given by her god father, Drosselmeyer

The Story

Clara’s Dream

The Fight Scene  - As the clock strikes midnight strange things begin to happen.   The toys around her come to life while the room fills with an army of mice, led by the fierce Mouse King.  As the Nutcracker comes to life, he leads his army of toy soldiers into battle with the Rat King and his mice.  Clara helps the Nutcracker defeat the Rat King.

The Land of Sweets

The Prince escorts Clara to the Land of Sweets where they are greeted by the Sugar Plum Fairy.  The Prince tells her about their daring battle with the army of mice and she rewards them with a celebration of dances.

  • Waltz of the Snowflakes

  • The Magic Castle - Angels

  • Mother Ginger Dance - Gingerbread

  • The Arabian - Coffee

  • The Russian Dance - Candy Canes 

  • The Chinese Dance  - Tea      

  •  The Spanish Dance- Chocolate   

  • The Waltz of Flowers

  • The Mirliton Dance - Dew Drop

  • Sugar Plum

  • Final  Waltz and Apotheosis  

The Dream Ends

Clara awakens from her dream and finds herself by her Christmas tree with her beloved Nutcracker.

The Cast

Clara - Jordan McMillan

Sugar Plum - Grace Salazar

Nutcracker - Gabriel Zubiate

The Rat King - Audrey Swanson

Snow Queen - Melee Hardy

Mirliton Soloist (Dew Drop) - Mia Swanson

Arabian Soloist - Kariana Gonzalez

Russian Demonstrator - Kylie Brett


Spanish Demonstrator - Ruby Gatt

Mother Ginger - Carissa Richey

Cavalier - Asher Michnovicz

Chinese Demonstrator - Chloe Rickerman

Angel Demonstrator - Ava Sowers


Preschool - Lydia Griffin, Emma McDonald, Emery Robbs, Melody Schaumburg, Reagan Trebitowski

Level One Dancers - Milania Benavidez, Narkwor Brady, Natasha Burton, Violet Cassady, Jessa Espinoza, Eden Etlantus, Addisyn Garcia, Aubrey Hall, Juliette Harden, Violet Harden, Jade Jojola, Adeline Lemke, Lily McDonald, Presley Metzgar, Mina Michnovicz, Liliana Montoya, Blake Othling, Norah Sanchez, Cheryl Tomingas, Connie Tomingas, Stella Tomingas, Abigail Weeks, Scarlett Whitacre, Brooklyn Zapata

Level 2 Dancers - Naylani Benavidez, Narkie Brady, Lucille Burton, Ava Corona, Hailey DeLaHunt, Kaitlyn DeLaHunt, Alivia Escudero, Izzabelle Etlantus, Elizabeth Force, Aliyah Garcia, Chloe Hannon, Lorenzo Hart, Layla Holt, Katie Johnson, Kaylee Keller, Isabel Llanes, Lizzie Medford, Juliet Ochoa, Vivian Othling, Julia Poore, Adelaide Stone, Jennie Stone, Bethany Weeks

Level 3 Dancers - Kadynce Brett, Mallory Downing, Macyn Fuller, Laura Jarosz, Mia Maldonado, Aubrey Martinez, Danika Perkins, Iliana Reider, Eve Swanson, Therese Tomingas, Sarah Van Gilst, Greta Williams, Sophia Zamora

Level 4 Dancers - Ruth-Mariah Borja, Mikayla Chacon, Julia Chase, Aliana Escudero, Giavanna Hart, Sarah Massey, Gabriella Michnovicz, Anna Pugh, Elizabeth Pugh, Annaleigh Sanchez, Mercedes Tomingas, Avery Whitacre, Catie Zubiate

Level 5 & 6 Dancers - Kylie Brett, Natalya Conde, Ruby Gatt, Marissa Gonzales, Kariana Gonzalez, Melee Hardy, Jordan McMillan, Carissa Richey, Chloe Rickerman, Grace Salazar, Ava Sowers, Lucy Swanson, Mia Swanson



Kadynce Brett, Kylie Brett, Julia Chase, Mallory Downing, Aliana Escudero, Alivia Escudero, Macyn Fuller, Aliyah Garcia, Ruby Gatt, Marissa Gonzales, Giavanna Hart, Lorenzo Hart, Layla Holt, Laura Jarosz, Kaylee Keller, Mia Maldonado, Sarah Massey, Asher Michnovicz, Gabriella Michnovicz, Juliet Ochoa, Danika Perkins, Julia Poore, Iliana Reider, Annaleigh Sanchez, Ava Sowers, Eve Swanson, Lucy Swanson, Mia Swanson, Mercedes Tomingas, Therese Tomingas, Bethany Weeks, Avery Whitacre, Catie Zubiate, Gabriel Zubiate

elite Jr Company (Soloists and Demonstrators)

Kylie Brett, Julia Chase, Aliana Escudero, Macyn Fuller, Ruby Gatt, Marissa Gonzales, Giavanna Hart, Sarah Massey, Ava Sowers, Lucy Swanson, Mercedes Tomingas, Avery Whitacre


elite Staff and Crew

Instructors & Choreographers: Kira Akmajian, Alyssa Costales, Cheri Costales, Robyn Hardy, Tianna Garcia, Megan Othling, Esther Michnovicz, Nikki Morrison, Coryn Richey, Vanessa Trujillo, Rachel Salazar

Drama Direction by Kira Akmajian

Ensemble by Kira Akmajian

Production Management by Kira Akmajian

Office Management by Lillian Garcia and Stephanie Rickerman

Stage Management by Cathy Costales

Lighting Design by Ben Costales

Sound by Matthew Ramsey

Costuming by Lillian Garcia and Cheri Costales

Backstage Coordination by Lillian Garcia

Box Office Management by Michelle Brett

Lobby and House Management by Frank and Mary Alice Salazar

Security by Paul Costales and Mariano Garcia

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