5 Ways to Enhance Your Child's Class Experience

1) Be on time. In fact, be early!  Dance/Acting classes are just as much a mental exercise as a physical work out.  Students need time to prepare.  Take a few minutes in the car to eat a healthy snack, talk to your child about class, and allow them a little time to adjust.

2) Be prepared for class.  Create a dance or class bag that contains all supplies needed, especially if you are going to class straight from school. If you are rushing your dancer from school, try starting the day off with her hair in bun so there is one less step in changing for class.  Be early to class to take your child to the restroom.  If your child has had any issues in class (frequent potty or water breaks, behavior issues), talk to them and give them your expectations of how they will behave before allowing them to enter the class.

3) Talk with your child about class.  Ask questions!  Review vocabulary with them.  Ask for demonstrations. Be excited about what they are learning.  Ask them to teach you what they've learned.  You might be surprised at how much they actually know!

4)  Allow your child "show and tell" time at home in front of parents, siblings, or anyone that will watch!  Put those tap shoes, tutus or ballet slippers on and let them dance.  Encourage their creativity...kids love to tell stories, put on shows, play dress up.  These are all wonderful ways that children begin to express themselves artistically.  

5) Be consistent. Younger students usually take only a few hours a week, so being in class is important.  Skipping weeks or months at a time, especially when classes have very structured curriculum, will create gaps in the students instruction and will delay progress.