Peter Pan

second star to the right and straight on til morning....

The Cast

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The Story


Act One - Home

Scene One  “The Darling Family”

Scene Two  “Peter and His Shadow”

Scene Three  “Tinkerbell”

Scene Four  "Second Star to the Right"



Act Two - Neverland

Scene One  “Neverland”

Scene Two  “Captain Hook & the Pirates”

Scene Three  “The Fairy Ball”

Scene Four  “Bedtime Stories”


Intermission - 15 minutes

Act Three - Adventures

Scene One  “The Neverbird”

Scene Two  “Mermaids”

Scene Three  “Peter to the Rescue”

Scene Four  “Tiger Lily and the Natives”

Scene Five  “The Children Remember”

Scene Six  "Pirate Attack"

Scene Seven  “Poison”

Scene Eight  “Pirates Defeated and Hook Meets His Fate”

Scene Nine  “The Window Is Always Open”

Scene Ten  “Everybody Needs a Mother”






the elite Company

Kira Akmajian, Allyson Bugos, Paul Costales, Monica Garcia, Isaac Garcia, Tianna Garcia, Kariana Gonzalez, Pedro Gonzalez, Alyssa Lamb, Esther Michnovicz, Nikki Morrison, Shea Ortiz, Megan Othling, Megan Rede, Coryn Richey, Grace Salazar, Rachel Salazar, Tara Smartnick, Cara Sowers, Drew Sowers, Audrey Swanson, Alicia Swanson, Vanessa Trujillo, Gabby Vigil, Hannah Vigil, Alyssa Williams

Junior Company: Ariana Archuleta, Kylie Brett, Jason Christopherson, Sunai Gonzalez, Isabela Davis-Olague, Melee Hardy, Jaymie Loidolt, Jordan McMillan, Theo Morrison, Chloe Rickerman, Ben Sowers, Lucy Swanson, Mia Swanson, Teryn Whenry, Gabriel Zubiate

The elite Company welcomes our pre-professional students to the stage to share in the magic of Peter Pan!

Student Performer's Cast (Printable Program)

The Crew

Story Adaptation by Cheri Costales, Original story by JM Barrie

Direction by Cheri Costales, Drama Direction by Cheri Costales and Cara Sowers

Choreography by Cheri Costales, Alyssa Lamb, Esther Michnovicz

Stage Management by Cathy Costales

Lighting Design by Ben Costales, Matt Ramsy, Spots by John Wynia and Jon Vigil, Sound by Alan Ramsey

Costume by Cheri Costales, Linda Downum and Lillian Garcia

Make up by Alyssa Lamb

Backstage by Stephanie Rickerman and Cara Sowers

Assistants to the Director, Box Office by  Heidi Vigil and Donna Bugos

Lobby and House by Rene Rede

Children by Lillian Garcia and Robyn Hardy

Photography by Two Brunos Photography

Music Licensing by ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC


A big thanks to our very wonderful partners


Join us as we raise funds to supply 45 jogging suits for the Rivers of Mercy Children's home in Jaurez, Mexico!  We are selling fun items in the lobby and are also accepting donations!




"Peter Pan" is an all-time favorite show for not only our audience, but for our performers as well.  It is great fun to let loose and act like a kid!  When writing Peter Pan, I thought back to my own childhood and how I would play.  The shopping cart was the garbage truck and I was the garbage man as my mom pushed us down the grocery store aisle, or twin beds in my room with my sister were ships and the floor was the ocean....I wanted to use that kind of childish imagination when creating this show.  Being a kid has those special moments of awe and wonder that we tend to forget to embrace as we get older. Peter Pan allows us all, performers and audience alike, to take hold of and revel in a magical story where children fly, stars sing, and mermaids dance.  Enoy!


Cheri has been writing scripts and directing shows for the elite Company for over fifteen years. Her writing mostly consists of derivative work, adapting stories to work for dance theatre (The Picture of Dorian Gray, A Christmas Carol, Dracula, Peter Pan, The Scarlet Letter, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast).  Her most recent work has included original scripts of, "The Shoe Room" about WWII and victims of the Holocaust, and "The Problem With Fairies" for the elite 2015 Kids Theatre Project.  Cheri has been teaching dance, choreographing for and directing the elite Dance Company for over 20 years. 



Save the date for our next show: 

"The Scarlet Letter"  

April 21st-30th at the North 4th Theatre

Enjoy the soundtrack of Peter Pan....