Christmas 2018

Peter Pan

Second star to the right, then straight on till morning....

Mermaids that sing, Stars that dance, Natives on the hunt, a Crocodile that ticks, and Pirates lurking in the shadows.  Join Peter, Wendy, Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys as they embark on a great adventure to Neverland.

December 7th-15th, 2018

North 4th Theatre, 4904 4th St NW


Meet the Cast

  • Grace Salazar & Melee Hardy as the Crocodile

  • Rita Marie Borja as Tiger Lily

  • Kylie Brett as Tootles

  • Mercedes Tomingas as Nibs

  • Theo Morrison as Slightly

  • Chloe Rickerman as Curly

  • Kaedman Hardy & Asher Michnovicz as the Twins

  • Ruby Gatt as Tubby Ted

  • Rachel Salazar as Scurvie

  • Tanner Tomingas as Flint

  • Nikki Morrison as Scurvie

The Story

Act 1

Peter Pan 2018-4397-2-(ZF-8837-88441-1-029).jpg
  • Scene 1 - The Darling Family

  • Scene 2 - Tidying Up Drawers

  • Scene 3 - Peter and His Shadow

  • Scene 4 - Tinkerbell

  • Scene 5 - Second Star to the Right

  • Scene 6 - Neverland

  • Scene 7 - Captain Hook and the Pirates

  • Scene 8 - Bedtime Stories


Act 2

  • Scene 1 - The Neverbird

  • Scene 2 - Mermaids

  • Scene 3 - Peter to the Rescue

  • Scene 4 - The Game is Up

  • Scene 5 - Captured

  • Scene 6 - Poison!

  • Scene 7 - The Pirates Defeated and Hook Meets His Fate

  • Scene 8 - The Window is Always Open

  • Scene 9 - Everybody Needs a Mother

The Crew

  • Written by Cheri Costales (Adapted from an original story by J. M. Barrie)

  • Directed by Cheri Costales

  • Dramatic Direction and Actor's Coaching by Steve Corona and Cara Sowers

  • Choreography and Rehearsal Coaching by Esther Michnovicz, Kira Akmajian, Cheri Costales, Alyssa Costales, Vanessa Trujillo, Tara Smartnick

  • Costumes by Cheri Costales, Linda Downum, Judy Brewster and Erin Morrison

  • Make Up Design by McKenna Beck, Assistant Chloe Fraser

  • Lighting Design by Ben Costales

  • Sound Design by Matt Ramsey

  • Set Design by Steve Corona, Erin Morrison and Cheri Costales

  • Production Management by Stephanie Rickerman, Robyn Hardy and Michelle Brett

  • Stage Management by Cathy Costales

  • Backstage Management by Tina Mesa

  • Box Office by Eilieen Gonzales

  • Lobby and Reception by Lillian Garcia and Erin Morrison

  • Ushers by Frank and Mary-Alice Salazar

  • Photography by Two Brunos Photography (Brandi Bruno and Sara Bruno)

  • Promotions by Tim Nguyen, Cheri Costales

  • Videography by Tim Nguyen, William Ernst, Nick Bennet

Wendy and Tink-(ZF-8837-88441-1-011).jpg
Flying kids-(ZF-9353-42046-1-001).jpg

Our amazing partners….

From the Director


There is something absolutely magical about Peter Pan. The story by J.M. Barrie remains a favorite whether by book, theatre or film. It is our job as storytellers to convey the adventure in a way that transports you (our audience) into that child-like existence where reality and the fanciful meet. I have my own childhood memories of using my bed as a boat, hanging on the side of my mom’s shopping cart and pretending to be the garbage man, and creating entire scenarios and stories that I would play out for days. When creating elite’s version of Peter Pan, I wanted to capture that feeling of being in a child’s mind, where everyday objects transform into needed elements for the story. A boat doesn’t necessarily look like a boat, umbrellas just might work for a rain forest, and there are several ways to fly. Peter Pan is a child that never grows up, and for a few hours we get to be a child with him in his grand adventure. So, let’s suspend our adult minds for a bit, think happy thoughts and fly away to Neverland together (with a little help from Pixie dust)!

Cheri Costales has been writing scripts and directing shows for the elite Company for over fifteen years. Her writing mostly consists of derivative work, adapting stories to work for dance theatre: Mr. Mallard’s Magical Menagerie, The Picture of Dorian Gray, A Christmas Carol, Dracula, Peter Pan, The Scarlet Letter, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and The Jungle Book.  Her most recent work has included original scripts: Days of the Dead, The Shoe Room, and elite Kids Theatre Projects: The Problem With Fairies, Benny & the Supersquad, Around the World in 80 Days and How The West Was Really Won.