Elite is not merely a “dance studio” like many others. Elite is a family of extremely talented artists working together to elevate the minds and hearts of its students and the community as a whole. The level of instruction is top notch and the culture of the studio is one of immense positivity and support. As a mom of eleven, I have had several children (and even a spouse) train and perform with Elite. I can tell you with my whole heart that Elite is an investment in the total formation of your child. You will never regret your time spent with them!

Dancing with elite has been a privilege! The studio atmosphere is welcoming and the staff are friendly and professional. The art of dance and theater is beautifully preserved in class, and then seamlessly transferred to the stage. Definitely a unique and talented studio in the Abq area.

We have been at Elite for almost four years now, and we love it. My kids get a strong foundation in technique in their dancing. The kids get to be in really amazing shows twice a year that are really special and impressive. The older kids and adults in the company are the kind of people I want my kids to grow up around; they are kind, inclusive, and wonderful role models. The teachers are sweet and wonderful. The studio is clean and comfortable. I could say so many good things. Finally, the adult company shows are fantastic. They are such an artistic combination of dance and acting. Their ability to tell a story is beautiful. I highly suggest both this studio and their shows. Thanks for everything Elite.

My daughter has been studying at Elite Dance and Theatre for over 5 years and is now a junior company member. Elite is not just a dance studio, it is a community with a body positive culture of support and mentorship. My daughter is known and considered as an individual for both class placement and feedback. The other junior company members have become some of her closest friends and positive role models, which I value just as highly as learning the craft. The time and money spent here pales to the value of the instruction, confidence, and friendships she has gained.

My daughter has absolutely loved participating in the kids program at elite! She does it all: jazz, ballet, tap, swing, aerial, acting. Every instructor is knowledgeable and talented and they are caring to boot! They see her as more than just a number but as a person they can invest in and help to grow in good character! I cannot recommend elite more highly!

I have learned so many different skills being a student and company member of elite Dance & Theatre! Professional of all aspects in dancing and theater are there to teach you the skills you want/need, whether it's dancing, acting, singing, aerial, stage fighting, etc. An organized, safe, and respectful environment. They are family.

My daughter has been dancing at Elite since she was 3 years old . The children's program is top-notch - instructors are wonderful with the little ones. The Jr. Company was such great fun and training for her as she got older - more performance experience in both dance and acting. I grew up in a ballet studio where recitals were held - it is so refreshing to be a part of a studio where a show is held instead - a story unfolds with each class a different character and part of the story. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Great environment! Fantastic shows, and super sweet staff! 10/10 would recommend!

 Elite dance and theatre has it all. Excellent dance training in ballet, jazz, and tap, acting workshops and performance opportunities, friendly and hardworking staff and volunteers, and a safe family oriented environment.

Elite Dance & Theatre is a wonderful studio for students to learn a wide variety of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, swing, aerial (and acting) from a terrific staff of professional and experienced teachers. The environment is family friendly and supportive. Students get many chances to perform throughout the year in Elites active schedule.

I'm a big fan of Elite Dance & Theatre. They provide classes in the usual dance such as ballet, tap, modern, etc but they have added silks, swing classes and dances, acting and many other special programs for the needs of the various performances. They teach to little ones up to adults. It's a friendly but professional atmosphere, and the students do and learn. Their shows are blackbox, with minimal props and stage backdrops, but it's fun and relatively inexpensive to drop in and see a show…

My daughters have been dancing at elite for years. The studio is very family oriented and are always well organized for classes and shows. Friendly staff and great studio space!