elite Dance & Theatre presents original shows for both our youth program and our professional company. Elite artists contribute on stage and behind the scenes, bringing the highest caliber of production quality to all of our shows. Original scripts, creative choreography, beautiful lighting and costuming, professional performers and unique storytelling create shows that are unparalleled. 

Fall 2019



September 6th-14th, 2019

North 4th Theatre, 4904 4th St NW

Tickets go on Sale August 6th, 2019

A story of love, courage, friendship, faithfulness and sacrifice in the face of great evil. elite Dance & Theatre creates a hauntingly beautiful retelling of the original story by Bram Stoker. Jonathon Harker and his friends are in a deadly battle. Count Dracula’s malice is a game in which our heroes are caught like pawns in a chess match. They will risk all to save those they love.


Holidays 2019

A Christmas Carol

December 6th-14th, 2019

North 4th Theatre, 4904 4th St NW

Tickets go on Sale November 6th, 2019

Celebrate the holiday season with us as we tell the beloved story of four ghosts that visit Ebeneezer Scrooge to teach him the true meaning of Christmas.  This is the perfect family event full of beautiful dancing and singing, with traditional carols, hymns and music.



March 27th-April 4th

North 4th Theatre, 4904 4th St NW

Tickets go on Sale February 27th

A not so perfect love story about a young girl in love with a Prince, and a Prince that is in love with himself. 

The King has decided his son must marry to fund his "royal" lifestyle, and creates a TV reality show in which the Prince has one week to pick a bride from eligible contestants, which include Cinderella's step-sisters. A Fairy Godfather appears to help Cinderella get to the palace and works behind the scenes to make sure that the Prince sees Cinderella for who she really is, while also helping him to figure out what it means to really love.