elite Dance & Theatre presents original shows for both our youth program and our professional company. Elite artists contribute on stage and behind the scenes, bringing the highest caliber of production quality to all of our shows. Original scripts, creative choreography, beautiful lighting and costuming, professional performers and unique storytelling create shows that are unparalleled. 


Premiering Fall 2018...

Mr. Mallard's Magical Menagerie & The Mystery of the Black Swan

John McFarlane has been arrested for the murder of Jonas Oldacre, owner of the Norwood Theatre, and has sought the help of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to prove his innocence.  Mr. Mallard’s Magical Menagerie is about to premiere on stage with murder, mystery and intrigue lurking in the wings.

 The game is afoot this fall as elite premieres it's newest production.

September 7th-15th, 2018

  • Friday, September 7th 7:00pm
  • Saturday, September 8th 7:00pm
  • Thursday, September 13th 7:00pm
  • Friday, September 14th 7:00pm
  • Saturday, September 15th 7:00pm

North 4th Theatre, 4904 4th St NW

Tickets: $22  (general seating, no service fees, recommended audience age 10yrs and up).  Tickets include a dessert reception during intermission.  Tickets go on sale August 1st, 2018

eliteDancePeterPan (2).jpg

Christmas 2018

Peter Pan

Second star to the right, then straight on till morning....

Travel with us to Neverland for a great adventure!

December 7th-15th, 2018

North 4th Theatre, 4904 4th St NW

Tickets go on Sale November 1st, 2018


Spring 2019

Beauty & the Beast

Zypherine has risen far above her beginnings as a courtier.  Always ambitious, her care of the queen through an illness and subsequent death finally earned her the king’s trust. But, when she realizes that the king is content to keep her as a mistress and not make her his queen, she then turns her attention and schemes to the prince.  The prince will give what his father denied her...the crown.

At the news of the king’s untimely death, an attempt to negotiate terms for peace is made by Mathis, the Northern Kingdom’s Chief Adviser.  But an unfortunate accident has left the prince injured and Zypherine in control of the throne. Mathis is imprisoned and is to be executed after an attempt to approach Prince Bay, leaving his daughter, Belle, in a perilous position. Mathis’ quick thinking keeps Belle out of prison and both of them alive, but lands her in a position of servitude to the prince.

elite’s story of Beauty & the Beast is full of intrigue, deception, betrayal, manipulation, desperation, sacrifice...and yes, in the midst of all the turmoil and strife, friendship and love are discovered.



April 4th-13th, 2019

North 4th Theatre, 4904 4th St NW

Tickets go on sale March 4th