Weekly Time Card & Check Points

Please have this formed filled out no later than Sunday 9pm of each week.

Name *
Please list Days (M, T, W, TH, F, S) and Hours (1, 1.5, 2) worked. (example: M2, Th1, S1.5) Please list any day and time that you had a SUB and who that SUB was
Please update us on your week of teaching, list any Curriculum Issues, Behavioral Issues (please list the procedures you followed), Parent Problems or Questions (how you addressed them), Request an EVAL, has a student talked with you about an injury/pain (how did you address that), Student of the Month Nominee
Please update us on your week of managing. What projects are you working on? Were there any customer issues? Anything out of the ordinary we need to know? Have you communicated with parents, students, staff, crew about upcoming projects, deadlines, dates (new session, registration deadlines, upcoming events, ticket sales, etc.)? What did you do in your paid down time (cleaning, visiting with parents)?
Please list any projects you are working on. Have you talked with any instructors or observed any classes? Are there any changes or updates needed for curriculum, rehearsals, schedule or events?
Please list what you did this week for your trade out hours. Do you need a project to work on to get your hours in? Are there any upcoming projects that you'll need more time on, so you'll need to transfer some of this months time over to that?

REMINDER: Please submit your payroll hours (paid and trade out) by 11am on the last business day of each month at PAYROLL SITE